Magic Wardrobe Boosted My Confidence


I booked to go for a Magic Wardrobe session with Loraine Callow and it was amazing.


I was a bit apprehensive … I’m not confident with clothes and knowing what suits me, but it was something I wanted to do, as my wardrobe does need updating and I don’t like clothes shopping as I’m too indecisive!


Loraine put me at ease straight away and got us to fill in a form to get more information. Once this was done our body shapes were assessed and we were given advice on what styles of clothes suited us.


We all tried on different outfits, many of which none of us would have picked! We got advice on lengths and cuts and it was really interesting seeing clothes on others and Loraine pointing out what she meant about cuts.


The atmosphere was light and fun but we covered and learned lots and we all bonded which was really nice. The session really boosted my confidence and I would definitely recommend Loraine for a style session.


I would also recommend going to Loraine’s shop for clothes as not only do you get her expert advice on what to try on, the prices are very reasonable too. Loraine will also keep a look out for you if there’s anything in particular you are after.


Brilliant service and a lovely person!

Davina Neale